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Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bangalore is the leader among naturopathy centres in India. We are sought after for our approach to health and holistic treatment modalities. Naturopathy, in essence, is all about the body and its restorative powers and how the body when healthy is in equilibrium and only when that gets disturbed do we face health issues. We believe in diagnosing the problem right and only then working towards a solution.


Personalized care is our forte and we study the patient’s history carefully and take everything into consideration before coming up with a treatment plan. We have state of the art diagnostic facilities and our personnel are well trained; it has been our aim to provide holistic care and help patients lead better lives. When it comes to pain management, an alternate therapy is one the best courses to employ and we have helped patients manage pain with our manipulative therapies and exercises. Hot stone therapy, steam therapy, massage, aquatic exercise, yoga and various other exercises such as walking, jogging, etc. are part of the treatment at JNI and the Jindal Naturecure Institute ratings and reviews talk about how effective these are and how they help patients manage pain better.


Jindal Naturecure Institute reviews available online talk about our treatments and how effective they have been for many patients. Though it might be a little bit difficult to stay as disciplined and sincere to exercise and diet while on one’s own, doing so will only help patients enjoy a healthy and stress free life. Check out some of the Jindal Naturecure Institute ratings and reviews from our patients below.


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